Friday, October 3, 2008

An Awkward Chase - Karen DeRoss

A guy left his credit card laying on the counter. The lady next in line was paying when I noticed it. I gave a subtle gasp and said, "Oh no. That guy left his credit card." She was alarmed as she exclaimed, "Well, which way did he go?!" "I, I'm not sure" I stammered. "Well come on!" she said, walking at a brisk pace out the door. "Now, which way did he go?" "I think that way" I said, my voice rising at the end of the sentence as if in a question. The woman lost no time in recruiting the help of others. "Did anyone see which way a man who walked out of here a minute ago went?" One lady at a picnic table informed us she thought she saw a young man get into a red car across the parking lot. "There he is!" my helpful customer said, "you better catch him." Not knowing what else to do, I ran across the parking lot as the guy was backing away. He was startled when he turned his head and saw me, smiling, his credit card in hand. "You forgot your credit card" I said, handing it to him through the window. "Wow. THANK YOU for chasing me down!" he said. When I walked back across the parking lot I realized I had the attention of everyone sitting outside Froggie's. "Good job honey" my friendly customer said. "Thanks for your help," I said.


Jill said...

That is super bizarre and funny! By the way, where do you work?

Autie Carlisle said...

KK- Its funny you started another blog cuz I did too you know. And a perfect story that would go with both of ours (mine being stories, yours being awkwardness) was the other day! Oh man, it was worse than getting my teeth pulled. This professional photographer named Weber (about 30 years old) was helping me take pictures of my clothes I made, in between his comments like "yeah, uh, this camera is worth 35 bizillion dollars" he made me wear the stuff I made (not part of the plan mind you) and it was so awkward! To make that worse, I was sitting in a hammack with this long wool skirt I had made (he was just trying to take a picture of the skirt, not me really) and I totally flipped over the hammock so i'm laying there on my back, in shock with my legs crossed, in the air, (where he is) holding my skirt up, and figuring out how the heck to get up. That was an awkward story. Don't tell.